Green Phonogram Cards - Set 2


  • 33 phonogram cards

Cards include: tion, k (silent), o (as in son), au, ei, oy, ing, nk, e-e, ew, ought, kn, al, le, wr, g (as in j), ie, le, oor, or, t (silent), ture, i (letter name), our, c (sss sound), ey, a, ore, are, sion, b (silent), are, oar.

Each card has:

  • a small picture at the top of each card (for a visual clue to the phonogram)
  • approx 10 words printed below
  • the first phonogram printed in red
  • the words are printed in black

Cards are approx. 4½" x 5½".

This file is in PDF format.


Green Phonogram Cards - Set 2 - Printable Montessori Language materials by Montessori Print Shop
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