Phonogram Picture Cards - Level 3 - Cursive

Phonogram picture cards have all the phonograms in red and include:

  • 144 picture cards - 6 cards per phonogram

Includes: ee, i-e, e, o, or, oo, oo, er, y, oa, ow, o-e, ar, ea, ow, sh, ch, a-e, ai, th, aw, qu, ph, and ay.

To make reading cards print once. To make a set of 3-part cards, print twice and cut the labels off of the second set.

Cards are approx. 3¼" x 3½".

This file is in PDF format.

Phonogram Picture Cards Level 3 (cursive) - Printable Montessori Language Materials by Montessori Print Shop.
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