Phonics Sound and Picture Sorting

Use this work to teach phonetic sounds and letter symbols.

This lesson includes:

  • 8 control charts
  • 8 work charts
  • 72 picture cards (to be sorted on to the work charts)
  • instructions
  • master word list

Picture cards are approx. 2" x 3".

The letters Q and X are not included in this material. Why?

In the English language the letter Q is almost always followed by the letter U; quilt, quit, queen. It is considered a phonogram (2 letters together that make 1 sound).

The letter X is pronounced K-S, it is 2 single phonetic sounds put together. If the X is at the beginning of a word, it makes the zzz sound (as in xylophone) or a sound like "eggs" (as in Xavier). But if it is at the end of a word, it makes the -cks sound. In the word 'Xerox' it makes both the 'z' sound and the 'cks' sound. It's a complicated concept for young children who are just learning the single phonetic sounds, so it too is not included in this material. 

This file is in PDF format.

Phonics Sound and Picture Sorting - Printable Montessori preschool materials by Montessori Print Shop.
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