Word Wheels - Set 1

These 15 word wheels offer children an easy way to practice reading 3-letter phonetic words. Simply rotate the wheel and a new word appears as the beginning sound of each word changes. 

Each wheel has 8 words.  The cover of each wheel has a picture that will help new readers successfully sound out the ending sound that is shown in red letters. This will allow the children to work independently with this material. 

All words in this set are 3-letter phonetic words.

This set includes:

  • -ad
  • -an
  • -ap
  • -ar
  • -at
  • -ay
  • -en
  • -in
  • -ip
  • -it
  • -og
  • -op
  • -ot
  • -ug
  • -un

Each wheel prints on a 8½"x10" paper.

This file is in PDF format.

Word Wheels Set 1 - Printable Montessori materials by Montessori Print Shop.
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