Number Bingo - Beginner

Only numbers 1 through 50 are used in this Beginner Number Bingo Set.


  • instructions on how to play
  • caller sheet
  • caller tickets
  • 10 bingo cards

Each bingo card is numbered (1-10) in the top right hand corner. Each bingo card shows 5 possible bingo formations at the bottom of the card. This will assist children who are new to bingo.

Items required but not included in this material: bingo chips/markers. Ideas for chips/markers (large dried beans, buttons, flat beads, small counters, pennies. If you laminate the cards you could use dry-erase markers to 'x' the numbers as they are called.

This file is in PDF format.

Number Bingo (Beginner) - Printable Montessori Math Materials by Montessori Print Shop.
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