Elementary Grammar Box #2 - Articles

In Montessori the function and position of words in sentences are studied and analyzed. Box 2 is the study of the article and noun. Included are the printable cards for Grammar Box 2, 4 Filling Boxes and 1 Command Box using the traditional Elementary grammar colors. All printable cards are in color, except for the Command Cards.

1.   Articles & Nouns (20 pairs)

2.   Indefinite & Definite Article (20 pairs)

3.   Nouns: Singular & Plural

add ‘s’ (20 pairs)

add ‘s’ or ‘es’ (20 pairs)

add ‘s’, words ending in ‘o’ (10 pairs)

‘f’ and ‘fe’ to ‘ves’ (13 pairs)

4.   Nouns: Singular & Plural

‘y’ to ‘ies’ (10 pairs)

internal change (10 pairs)        

identical (10 pairs)

compound words (10 pairs)

2 Command Cards and colored words cards to accompany them.


Elementary Colors: article - tan, noun - black

Sizing: word cards - 3.5cm x 5cm, command cards - 10cm x 10cm

Pages to print: 18 letter sized pages (8½ x 11 inches)

This file is in PDF format.

Elementary Grammar Box 2 Articles (Elementary Colors) - Printable Montessori materials by Montessori Print Shop.
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