Pink Language Series - Bundle

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Montessori Pink Language Series Bundle - Printable Montessori Cards

This bundle includes 16 Montessori Pink Language Series materials. These materials are all based on phonetic 3-letter words. Instructions on how to present this material is included.

1 Pink Word and Picture Cards (42 pictures/42 words) 3.00
2 Pink Word and Picture Cards - Real Pictures (42pics/42 words) 0.00
3 Pink Sheets and Labels (6 sheets/36 labels) 2.00
4 Pink Sheets and Labels - Real Pictures (6 sheets/36 labels) 0.00
5 Pink Word and Picture Match (8 pages: 9 pics/words per page) 2.00
6 Pink Word Lists (12 lists) 2.00
7 Pink Initial Sound Choice Cards (12 work/12 control cards) 2.00
8 Pink Initial Sound Cards (12 work/12 control cards) 2.00
9 Pink Vowel Sound Choice Cards (12 work/12 control cards) 2.00
10 Pink Vowel Sound Cards (12 work/12 control cards) 2.00
11 Pink Ending Sound Cards (12 work/12 control cards) 0.00
12 Pink Ending Sound Choice Cards (12 work/12 control cards) 2.00
13 Pink Spelling Cards (15 cards) 2.00
14 Pink Sentence Cards - Set 1  (15 cards) 2.00
15 Pink Sentence Cards - Set 2  (15 cards) 2.00
16 Pink Sentence Cards - Set 3  (15 cards) 2.00
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 This material is all color-coded with pink borders.

 Montessori Pink Language Series, printable Montessori Language materials for Montessori Learning at home and school.

Details of the individual pink language scheme materials can be viewed here.


Learn how to store your Pink Blue Green Language Series - it also includes a free download of the storage labels.

The materials in this Pink Language Scheme are the same as the non color-coded Step 1 Bundle.

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Montessori Pink Language Series Materials - Printable Montessori Language Materials for home and school.
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