Pink Ending Sound Cards

Pink Ending Sound Cards - Montessori Language Cards

This work will allow children to practice their understanding of the final or ending sound of short phonetic words that are 3 letters in length. They look at each picture, determine the missing ending sound and fill in the blank. This material includes:

  • 12 Work Cards with 6 pictures on each
  • 12 Answer Cards

Pink Ending Sound Cards - Montessori Pink Phonetic Language Series for Montessori Learning at home and at school.

Cards are approx. 4¾" x 3½".

Each work card and answer card is numbered to help the child locate the correct answer card to check their work.

Suggestions for use:

1) Laminate the work cards and have the children use a 'dry erase' marker to fill in the sound. When the card is complete, simply wipe the card clean.

2) Print out a set of work cards, cut them, staple together with a cover to create a mini-workbook.

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Pink Phonetic Ending Sound Cards - FREE Printable Montessori Language Materials for home and school.
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