Math Operations - Bundle

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The Math Operations Bundle - Montessori Math Materials

This bundle includes 25 materials for Math Operations

4 Addition Word Problems - Level 1 2.00
5 Bead Frame Paper 1.00
6 Division Charts + Instructions 3.00
7 Division Command Cards 2.00
8 Division Equation Slips 1.50
9 Division Word Problems - Level 1 2.00
10 Large Number Cards 0.00
11 Math Booklets - Random Order 1.50
12 Math Booklets - Random Order - Large 1.50
13 Math Booklets - Sequential Order 1.50
14 Math Booklets - Sequential Order - Large 1.50
15 Multiplication Charts + Instructions 3.00
16 Multiplication Command Cards 2.00
17 Multiplication Equation Slips 1.50
18 Multiplication Word Problems - Level 1 2.00
19 Small Number Cards 1.00
20 Stamp Game Papers 0.00
21 Subtraction Command Cards 2.00
22 Subtraction Equation Slips 1.50
23 Subtraction Strip Board, Charts + Instructions 3.00
24 Subtraction Word Problems - Level 1 2.00
25 The Dot Game 2.00
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The 4 operation boards and the work charts that are found in Montessori schools are typically made from wood. However, if you are looking for an economical substitition, our files are the answer. You can print these files on cardstock and laminate. Or, print on cardstock, glue on foam board, and cover with a clear contact paper to protect it.

The Addition Strip Board, Multiplication Charts, Subtraction Strip Board, and Division Charts all come with full instructions on the presentation of these lessons. If you're not familiar with Montessori math materials, be sure to read Why teach multiplication before subtraction?

Printable Montessori Math Strip Boards for math operations for Montessori Learning at home and school.


The additional materials you need to use the operation boards (equation slips and booklets) are included in this bundle and allow the child to work independantly.

Printable Montessori Math Operations Extension Lessons for Montessori Learning at home and school. 

As the children work through the operation materials, they will move towards greater abstraction, memorization of math facts, and away from the need for manipulatives. Eventually they'll move from their independant work with the stamp game (using the command cards) to the bead frame, and then word problems. 

Be sure to read through our tutorial for making a math chart with the completed Math Booklets.

How to make Montessori math charts for Montessori Learning at home and school.

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Montessori Math Operations - Printable Montessori Math Materials by Montessori Print Shop.
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